Everything began when Necip Darcan – our founder and current CEO - started working as a concierge at Sheraton Istanbul in 1975. He was mostly involved with tourists, recommending daily attractions, arranging tours of the historical sights, restaurant bookings and etc. All the time spent behind the desk was satisfying but he wanted to be on the field, he wanted to show people Istanbul in his perspective, because this was the city he fell in love with ever since he first visited in 1965. He wanted to show people the Turkish hospitality that were visiting Istanbul so he quit working as a Concierge. After quitting the hotel business, he acquired his guiding certificate by the Ministry of Tourism and started working as a certified tour guide full-time. There was a demand in chauffeured driven cars with the guide. He saw this opportunity and few years later, he purchased a Ford Taunus and worked as both a chauffeur and tourist guide at the same time. After successful years of working in both fields the company was finally formed in 1988. After the company launched Mr. Darcan purchased the first company car, Mercedes-Benz 300E and shipped it to United States for a new adventure. He wanted to bring the first stretch limousine into Turkey and collaborated with Armbruster Stageway. DTLS Limousine was the first company to bring a stretch limo into the country in 1988. The 300E has been one of the biggest accomplishments of the company and the booster of the company that still operates to this day. Today DTLS Limousine operates nationwide and globally with five total offices in major cities of Turkey, with latest models of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We offer concierge assistance services who are looking for full luxury services in Turkey.


While DTLS Limousine & Travel strives to stay on the leading edge of the competition globally, our vision is to be the market leader in the luxury travel services industry in Turkey by providing the most exquisite first class service.


DTLS Limousine & Travel's mission is to serve guests in the most luxurious style from all over the world with the same standard. We believe in keeping the same standard worldwide, which is essential for achieving our mission, and maintaining our valuable employees and customers. Our goal is to maintain profit by providing VIP ground chauffeured transportation from point A to B, while we continue to grow our business through networking, attending conferences worldwide, and staying consistent with current technology. We will provide for the public with continuous support; protection of the environment and the economies we do our business in. We will strive everyday, to provide an extraordinary experience to our valuable customers at an outstanding value.

Safety & Security Standards

One of our main concern at DTLS is safety, surely it is the passengers also. Chauffeurs hired by DTLS must hold a legal license at first. They must have two forms of documentation to be able to work as a chauffeur which are sanity and safe driving examination. Every single employee is background checked before they are hired, and randomly drug checked. All vehicles are equipped with a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher. Third person liability insurance policy is available in the vehicles for guaranteed passenger safety. All chauffeurs are basic level of unarmed security trained by professional security guards. After a chauffeur is qualified, they go through a two week long training with our successful senior chauffeurs that have been with us for 20 years. The two week training consists of how to handle a VIP passenger, incident prevention, and lastly vehicle safety and technology during the first week. Due to Istanbul’s high population, it is a big spread out “city into two continents, therefore“ in the second week of training; location and route training is a must. Chauffeur training is a long process but this ensures us if they are capable of handling VIP passengers in the most elegant way.

Technology & Environment

Here at DTLS Limousine, we strive to adapt to new technology for maximum client satisfaction. Our customized online reservation software ties everything together; from our clients to our company to our chauffeurs. Online booking tools on our website is very user friendly that it is very to book a vehicle anywhere in the world. We believe that timing is everything in limousine business. Time is so precious in our day that it cannot be bought and that is where DTLS Limousine comes into play. We value time as much as our clients and that differentiates us from all of the other competitors in our market. All of our chauffeurs are equipped with smartphones and tablets to keep track of the flight coming in and out, job assignments, and customized greeting signs. In addition, all of our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking systems so our dispatch officers can track our chauffeurs and assist if anything needed at any point. All of our vehicles are equipped with dashboard cameras to for safety of our clients and feedback purposes. DTLS Limousine is very sensitive about the environment around us. Hence, all of our vehicles maintained regularly and we are very sensitive about the carbon emission levels that our vehicles produce. We are obligated to care of our environment since this the world we live in. We are encouraging and training all of our staff and teaching the significance of recycling. Thanks to advancements in technology, paper use in our offices has reduced by 80%. Lastly, it is our duty to take care of all stray dogs and cats that are living on the streets. There are lots of homeless animals on therefore we feed the needy in our office area with daily food and water.